Family Law / Termination/Adoption

adults and child

Our firm has assisted several traditional and non-traditional families navigate through the maze of social studies, criminal background checks, and the appointment of an attorney to represent the interests of the child.

It is not unusual for parent to voluntarily relinquish his/her rights if they have gone an extended period without seeing the child and have chronically failed to pay child support. Our office works with you to first attempt to reach an agreement to terminate whenever possible. We are, however, prepared to take a more aggressive posture when necessary.

Whether you are considering termination of parental rights or a termination with adoption, our office can assist you in accomplishing your goals. Our office has represented parties in both agreed and contested termination and adoption proceedings. If you believe the best interest of the child requires the termination of parental rights and/or adoption, call our office for more information about the termination and/or relinquishment of parental rights.

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